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Food Philosophy

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Food Philosophy

Food is memories, stories and nostalgia. Food, when shared with family & friends, builds relationships and maintains traditions. It can even take heritage cuisine status and introduce you to a world that you may not have visited before. So, for us at Alfredo, food is not just business. It is our folktale that we take great pride in sharing with our global family.

Our food philosophy is very simple - to create connections through food and to offer the taste of an authentic pizza from Naples served in an ambience that recreates an experience of Italy in Australia.





We believe that food should connect with all the human senses and so the restaurant’s interior is designed to transport you to Naples, Italy.



Our menu is a reflection of our food philosophy. We do not take any shortcuts while cooking and make sure all produce is fresh from our supplier to your plate. Using traditional Italian ingredients imported directly from Italy, Pizzeria Da Alfredo produces an authentic culinary experience that everyone can enjoy.