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About us

Born to cook,

Alfredo creates some of

the best Italian culinary

dishes in Sydney.

About Us


Pizzeria Da Alfredo

is a Traditional

Family Owned Pizzeria.

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    Alfredo Repole has been making pizza since he was 11 (most of it in a famous Naples pizzeria and after at Via Napoli in Lane Cove).
  • 2016

    Our History

    Alfredo head chef and founder of Pizzeria Da Alfredo moved from Naples where he was a renowned pizza maker bringing with him all the authentic Italian flavors, for that real original wood-fire pizza taste.Alfredo yet again brings the authentic and traditional Italian flavors to Sydney with his well-established thick base meter long pizzas or as it’s known in Naples Pizza Al Metro.
  • 2020


    This traditional, family-owned restaurant invites guests into a little slice of Italy with art deco murals on the walls, exposed brick, hanging globes and grapevines, creating a warm, vibrant ambience where diners sip on a glass of red and ponder a menu brimming with authentic flavours.


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